Nidhi Kaur Bagga
Yogi | Professor | Writer |  Speaker| PharmD

Nidhi has dedicated her life to empowering humans, integrating mindfulness into the educational system, and changing the landscape of public health. In a day and age where focus and peace are seemingly impossible tasks, Nidhi teaches mindfulness and how to be engaged in the present moment without fear or judgement. She pioneered the first ever academic program for the study of mindfulness, meditation, and neuroscience at the University of the Sciences. She delivered a TEDx talk about the limitless potential of mindfulness, and how, through practice, we can learn to unleash the power of our infinite capacity, become maverick thinkers, and change the world for the better. She whole-heartedly supports and encourages a community mission to create and manifest change from a place of great kindness through service to others. When Nidhi is not teaching, or writing, she is immersed in the simplicity of a tranquil tedium on the Appalachian Trail, relishing in the rebirth of each day, one breath at a time. Yogi, professor, speaker, backpacker, writer, pharmacist. A human. Being.